The Civil Engineering Students Organization popularly known as CESS at NIT, Arunachal Pradesh. Civil Engineering Student Organization is a non-profit organization within the department of Civil Engineering, NIT, Arunachal Pradesh. The members of the organization include the Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate students, faculty members, alumni of the Civil Engineering department. The Organization is working together to help and facilitate the overall development of students pursuing Civil Engineering in NIT, Arunachal Pradesh. CESS provides platform for the students to showcase and sharpen student's talents through a variety of events and activities planned throughout the year.

To explore the hidden talent in students & to keep them abreast with latest and recent trends in the field of Civil Engineering is the humble motive behind formation of “CESS: Civil Engineering Student's Society".


1. To expose the potential civil engineers to the challenges of the profession and pro actively involve them in enlightening with the current trends in Civil Engineering.

2. To involve students in various activities such as Guest lectures, Seminars and Industrial Visits through out the academic calendar to keep students posted with latest advancements in the field of civil engineering.

3. To encourage every student to put forward their innovative ideas and discuss over them through various meetings, discussions debates and seminars.

Dear Student,
A landmark of academic excellence bludgeoned with extracurricular activities and enriched research environment in Arunachal Pradesh. Since its inception, NIT Arunachal Pradesh has proved to be one of the best institutions in North East India for imparting knowledge through best practices in academia and established high-end research environment on cutting edge topics. It is in this endeavour for resplendence, series of events are organized to promote sustained quality education to ensure that our students are globally competent. We have introduced new curriculums for the new batches to keep them up-to-date with the ever-changing industrial trends, learned delegates have joined hands with us to nurture our graduates, the startup-cell has been restructured and is no longer the same underdog, the rainwater harvesting system has managed to add sustainability to the already picturesque campus at NITAP Yupia and the cherry on the top would be the medicinal garden at Jote campus whose construction is well underway. Further, I congratulate the entire team of NITAP Civil Engineering Student Society for taking this momentous step for establishing a platform to communicate all the positive changes happening in the campus. With a eupeptic heart, I wish my best to the Civil Enginnering Student Society
prof. Pinakeshwar Mahanta

Prof. Pinakeshwar Mahanta


National Institute of Technology

E-mail : [email protected]

Phone No.: 0360-2284801/2001581/2001583

Dear Student,
Greeting's from Civil Engineering Student Society. I would like to quote a quotation of an author Mr. Roy T Bennett “Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. Never let self-doubt hold you captive. You are worthy of all that you dream of and hope for.” I have the same dream for all the members of my CESS family. Keeping the CESS vision in mind I urge each one of you to forge ahead in achieving your dreams with all your might. I entrust you to come together as one and achieve greater heights in your respective careers. We can only grow if we stand together and strive for one vision. Eventually, this mutual growth will become the strong base of brilliant future possibilities. I urge you all to become a part of this most momentous and significant organisation by contributing more each day. You are the future and we trust your potential.
Please accept my warm regards, Advisor, CESS.

Dr. M. Berlin

Faculty Advisor, Dept of CE

National Institute of Technology

E-mail : [email protected]

Phone No.: +91 9485235227

Dear Student,
Greetings from Civil Engineering Student Society.
As a President, it is indeed an honour for me to be a part of this remarkable initiative that seeks to establish a lasting relationship between the faculty and students. To explore the hidden talent in students & to keep them abreast with latest and recent trends in the field of Civil Engineering is the humble motive behind formation of CESS .To achieve such an ambition, we need everyone's proactive support and active involvement. This certainly calls for greater responsibility from my end and I don't intend to abstain from it. Join us, as the Civil Engineering Student Society endeavours for Excellence and Glory. Your cooperation is required to catalyze ideas for the purposeful growth of Civil Engineering Student Society.

Mr. Nagesh Mishra

Student, Dept. of CE

National Institute of Technology

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